Hi, I'm Zach––Creative ThinkerLearnerEnthusiastLeader

I like to make things with my hands. I experiment as much as possible. I am inspired by life in all of its forms.

I get the job done.

Work Ethic

This is the key to my success. I work really hard and take full ownership of the outcomes. I’m always digging into something new. From a remodel project and some fresh music to a user-friendly app or surfing for inspiration, these all help define my insatiable appetite for being the best I can be, day-in and day-out.

Breadth of Abilities

From jumping in the Creative Suite to writing code, to spatial planning and managing an entire construction project, I’ve always had a knack for many things. My extensive knowledge and willingness to be humble and constantly learn, enable me to be a phenomenal asset to any team.

Problem Solver

Why is it a problem? Lets get in front of a whiteboard and get to work. Whether it’s a simple display ad to a full eCommerce experience, I’m ready to ask the tough questions and facilitate the best solutions. (Writable walls are my friends)

Who I Am

I am a creative focused on web design, UI/UX, and really cool projects. I’ve been in the field since I was 15 years of age. Starting in the audio world then shifting to graphic design and web development. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities with multiple Fortune 50 companies. An array of industries including retail, travel, not-for-profit, large enterprise and independent creative outlets have been my day-to-day workflow.

Where's some paper? Lets figure it out.

Some projects past and present

I've had the privilege of working with phenomenal brands such as Target, XBOX, Virgin, Microsoft, ESPN, Alaska Airlines, Deloitte, REI, Smartsheet and more.

Design Thinking

Whether multimedia production to art directing photo shoots or creating custom games for ad campaigns, I always start the same way, tons of questions. I have to get fully immersed in the project. I love interviewing and watching the user. What are they doing and why. See everything through their eyes, witness their wins and experience their pitfalls. You learn so much about the vastness of problems and clarifying opportunities while jogging alongside the marathon process of designing wonderful experiences. Once you settle in to the flow with the team, it’s all hands on deck, filled with coffee or your beverage of choice, a pen, pencil, paper, whiteboard or whatever wall is closest and we get to work!