Creative process and way of thinking

My Approach

I consider my multi-disciplinary work in buckets of focus: physical, operational and digital. You’ll notice that my work experience and expertise has a vast array of different applications and these passions allow my creativity to thrive within any environment.

My design thinking and abilities stretch across mediums and enable unlimited concepts. I have a deep-rooted intrigue for understanding all the possibilities and how to best encourage a team to execute both efficiently and effectively.

I like to ask the tough questions constantly throughout the ideation process. Why? There’s so many opportunities to engage with a customer, client and user. Those opportunities are what cause me to dive deep, analyzing data, endless research, whiteboard sessions with as many scribbles as thoughts with the outcome being the most thoughtful approach to solve the problem.

Leading a team while working alongside users to usher new ideas and continuously iterate is my bread and butter. Whether it’s art direction, producing video segments, advertising campaigns, space activations or eCommerce platforms, the experiences created are genuine and intuitive.

My imagination stems from my upbringing and life experiences. I love to travel, play tennis, work with my hands building/remodeling houses, playing piano, reading and writing and come from a background of music studio production and recording. All of these fascinations coupled with an insatiable thirst and curiosity provide the backbone needed to dig in and go above and beyond on every project.

I love to work. No great solution comes easy, but perseverance is always the answer.